CCTV Kits Are Valuable Crime Deterrents

Channel DVR, 4 CH stand alone DVR, 4 Channel H.264 DVRI have purchased several cctv kits over the last year. The news stories of break ins and other crimes happening at homes and flats is alarming. I have a mother and father who live in the suburbs, my wife and I live in a rural area with our two youngest children and we have an older daughter who lives in flat close to the university. I installed a CCTV camera system at our home, my parent’s home and in the flat where our daughter lives.

Video surveillance is a great crime deterrent. The perpetrators of these crimes do not want to be caught. Seeing cameras makes them nervous. Seeing the signs that video surveillance is in progress makes them look around right away to see where the cameras are at. They are smart enough to discern if a homeowner is using fake cameras.

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A Little Help from Your Friendly Plumber

Melbourne Photo Gallery | Melbourne HotelsMoving out to Australia after school has been one of the best experiences of my life. I was so lucky to be able to score an internship with a mining company out here – I’m going for my doctorates in geology, especially rare earth geological studies, and Australia is one of the best places to do both my research and to work. If you didn’t know, Australia has one of the largest mining infrastructures in the world with more business arriving every day! Yet, living here means you have to get used to some things like using in order to find a plumber or other trade professionals. We don’t have something like this back in the States; typically we just used the phone book but Australia has put trade professionals in an easy to sort by listing on the web now.

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A Simple Motor Vehicle Insurance Overview

The majority of people simply do not know where to start when it comes to looking around for a car insurance policy. If you are in the market for some insurance cover and in the position of not being exactly sure of what to look for in a policy, be sure to read the helpful tips below. This infographic was put together by Damian Roberton of and we thank Damian for the information.


car insurance infographic 90 percent

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What You Should Know About Wireless Security Cameras

There are many important issues to consider when looking purchasing a wireless security camera system.  This article will explain the different needs for this system, and different considerations you can take to save money when making this purchase.  There are options other than a wireless system, but due to the cost-effectiveness of the wireless version, many people are now opting to go that route.

There are some very basic questions you should ask yourself, the most important being, where exactly are you looking to use this security system?  Are you looking to generally monitor the grounds and other areas of your home, or are you looking to use this at your place of business?  It may be necessary to get a very detail-oriented system in both locations.  However, in a business location, take into consideration that you may want to monitor things such as cash-handling by employees, or may need to even zoom in on details of faces if an issue of theft comes about.

Also, do you want your security system visible?  The difference in the sizes of cameras available will have an effect on the cost of your system.  Typically, smaller, concealable cameras will cost you a bit more money than large, bulky cameras.

The next thing that you should consider is, what is the maximum distance that you want this system to monitor?    You may need to try out a few different systems in the location you wish to use it.  Sometimes, building materials can obstruct a transmission, as well as trees or other objects that may get in the way.  You can look for a system with a minimum transmission distance, and that can usually be guaranteed, regardless of possible obstructions.

Even though the system says “wireless”, the cameras will still need to be powered by an electrical current, so you need to make sure that you have an outlet near where you plan to place the camera, or have another option, such as an extension cord.  With a hidden security system, there may be a greater need for a more thorough installation process, which will in turn cost more money.

What kind of picture quality are you looking for in your system? Also, which would be your preference, color or black and white?  These two qualities will also affect the total cost of your system.  Trying to save money by purchasing a lower-quality camera could result in your entire system being completely worthless.  Strongly consider the cost benefits to spending a bit more money up front for a good system, you may be saving a lot more money in the long run by having the ability to monitor and eliminate theft.

Remember, just because you spend more money on something, doesn’t always mean that it is better for you!  This also goes for purchasing a wireless security camera system.  Do your homework – think long and hard about exactly what you are looking for in a security system, and then do your research on all of your different options.  Spending the time upfront could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the future.

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